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Impact of your Gift

Your donor support allows Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to continue providing opportunities for young people to discover and achieve their dreams and overcome barriers.  

Monthly Donation Amounts:

$5 / month ($60 annually) - By donating $5 a month, you can fund the participation of four children in our Cool Moves program, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

At BGCC we understand the importance of physical activity for children and youth. Regular exercise can help prevent obesity and other chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease in adulthood. 

Canada Health recommends that children and youth spend a minimum of 60 minutes exercising each day. Unfortunately, in Canada, only 9% of children aged 5-17 fulfill this quota.

$10 / month ($120 annually) - With your donation of $10 a month, you can ensure - through Project Backpack - that a child in need will receive a backpack full of food every weekend for three months, to help alleviate weekend hunger, when Boys and Girls Clubs are not open.

Food insecurity - the worry about running out of food, having no access to food, or skipping meals - is a problem affecting many Canadians, especially children.

Households with children and youth are more likely to face issues of food insecurity than families with no children. Sadly, only 20-33% of people who are food-insecure use resources like food banks. 

$20 / month ($240 annually) - With your $20 monthly donation, or $240 annually, you can fund a solid portion of a student’s post-secondary education to help them build future success.

University graduates earn approximately 50% more than full-time workers without a post-secondary degree. Unfortunately, many barriers exist for youth who are keen to attend university or college programs, including rising tuition fees and geographically inaccessible educational institutions.

On average, BGCC provides $2,400 in scholarship funds for eligible youth applying to post-secondary programs.

$50 / month ($600 annually)With your generous donation of $50 a month, a child can attend camp for two weeks, to acquire new friendships, have fun and develop confidence and leadership skills.

Summer camp is a place where children and youth engage with their peers, increase their physical activity and develop new interests and hobbies. 

Improved motor and social skills, conflict resolution skills, and independence are just some of the benefits acquired at summer camp. 

Immediate or Single Gifts:

$25 Gift - With your $25 donation, fund a child’s year-long membership at a Boys and Girls Club.

You may wonder what a Club membership includes. Boys and Girls Clubs are a safe place for children and youth to grow, learn, and feel empowered.  Children and youth are taught about mutual respect, teamwork, and social responsibilities.

Participants receive mentorship from staff and dedicated volunteers, and build meaningful relationships with adults and fellow Club members.

$50 Gift - A gift of $50 can provide a whole classroom of kids with a healthy after school meal. 

Staggeringly, 85% of those who are food insecure live in Canada’s four largest provinces, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. This is also where more than half of all Boys and Girls Clubs are located in Canada. 

17% of children living in Canada have experienced , at some time, too little or no access to food. With your help, Boys and Girls Clubs will reduce this number.

$100 Gift - Your generous donation of $100 can provide thetraining and resources for Clubs and their staff needed to offer the Flex Your Head program, which evolves coping skills for youth affected by anxiety and stress.

In Canada, only 1 out of 5 or 20% of children who need mental health support receive professional help.  Sadly, after accidents, suicide is the leading cause of death for youth in Canada, with approximately 4,000 deaths each year. As 70% of Canadian adults with mental illness had symptoms beginning as a child or a youth, it is clear that more resources for young people are a necessity.

$150 Gift - Your $150 gift will allow one youth to receive food, warmth, and shelter for the night.

Imagine having just finished a day at school or work and now you have nowhere to go. This issue is a reality for many Canadians, including children and youth. 1 in 7 homeless shelter users are kids, and in Canada 33% of all homeless people are aged 16-24.

Please consider offering your support today, so that we can ensure that GREAT FUTURES DO START HERE!

Ways to Donate
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  • Gift of Securities 
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